Meditation in Rishikesh | Become a Meditation Guru


Blessed atman!
Yoga stands for 3 elements: body (what you do), mind (what you think) and words (what you say). To control these 3 elements is meditation.
It is not easy to control these elements. After completing meditation teacher training in Rishikesh, India; it will take months and years to control.
Really, just in one month course of meditation you will not change, but you will be surprized to know meditation and will apply meditation techniques in your life.
We have to know that there are two different things body and soul. Soul is pure and can be seen by meditation practice.
According to Maharishi Patanjali, human's desires are not completed in earthy happiness (not real) and human becomes greedy. It is the stage of sorrow. So, philosophy (to see micro elements, soul) is the real happiness.
In the meditation TTC, we teach philosophy (Darshan), basic anatomy (Sarir Vigyan), basic yoga (Yog), psychology (manovigyaan), chakra meditation, vipassana meditation and much more.