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Blessed Atman!

Simply to control the "what you do", "what you say" and "what you think" is Meditation. It is not easy to control and only meditation has the tremendous power to control these elements. It is a state of deep rest which deeply relaxes your body, mind & soul. After completing meditation teacher training in Rishikesh, India; it will take months and years to control.
With the registered Yoga Alliance School in Rishikesh; Yoga in Rishikesh, delve into the practice of Mantra Chanting, Yoga Nidra, Kirtan, Yoga Philosophy with a powerful Meditation Course in India. The third week of the course is for a peaceful session of Yog Nidra which will give you the deeper understanding of yoga science and spiritual practices. With this Meditation Course, you get aware with the skills and methods to teach meditation practice.
The course will make you the master of your own life, a life filled with joy, peace and happiness.
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According to Maharishi Patanjali, human's desires are not completed in earthy happiness (not really) and he becomes greedy. It is the stage of sorrow. So, meditation helps you to see things exactly as they are.

The right practice of Meditation will establish a foundation of the practice of all eight limbs of yoga. The practice will induce awareness, attention and observation in an individual.

In the meditation TTC, you will know about Indian Traditional Meditation and its benefits. We teach philosophy (darshan), anatomy (sarir vigyan), yoga (Yog), psychology (manovigyaan), chakra meditation, silent meditation, vipassana meditation and much more.

Meditation Teacher Training Course

Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India at our school will be your incredible journey of self-transformation. In the lap of nature and with the blessing of the pious river Ganga, we make you perfect in every aspect and various techniques of meditation by our theoretical as well as practical sessions.


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  • Daily yoga postures classes
  • Daily Meditation practice sessions
  • Daily mantra chanting along with pranayama
  • Meditation Psychology
  • Meditation Philosophy
  • Practicing and Teaching Methodology
  • School Certification
  • Daily sattvic meals
  • Accommodation till the end of the course
  • Sunday excursions

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Exuding a serene ambience, Yoga in Rishikesh offers its students a very clean & relaxing accommodation so that you always get the positive vibes. The magnificent & tranquil view of the giant Himalayas & the river Ganga always encourages you to do your study & yogic practice deeply.

Room conveniences
  • Bed sheets, blankets and pillows
  • Clean and hygienic Western-style rooms with attached bath
  • 24 Hours water supply
  • 24 Hours filtered drinking water
  • Hot water
  • Wi-Fi access at the peak speed
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